Sunday, February 02, 2003

Crazy Cat Woman

I'm a crazy cat woman in all respects, except for the habit of owning more cats than one's quota (3 ought to be a good limit, and that would make me at one below my personal limit at the moment), and in being totally alone in the world except for the house climbing with cats. I mean crazy in the sense that I won't get up when a cat is peacefully asleep in my lap, unless absolutely necessary (read: bathroom emergency). I will take in cats that other people don't want, sometimes at great financial expense when they turn out to be dying of a mystery disease. I talk to my cats like they are my children, especially since I don't have children (nor do I want them). I will make sure to squint my eyes and blink slowly when looking into the eyes of my beloved kitties and at strange kitties alike, because a cat book said that this was the body language one cat uses towards another to show they are friendly. I spent hours upon hours getting the stray cat outside my office to trust me, and now I am the only human allowed to pet him - and I feel greatly priviledged by this.

I notice the different sounds my cats make, and can tell what kind of mood they are in from the position of their ears and tails. I make a point of greeting them when I come in the door, and we sniff each others' mouths when we see each other for the first time that day. I cry piteously when having to put one down at the vet's, and feel the white hot sharp stab of panic if I think one's gotten out of the house. (These two are indoor cats exclusively, and they should know that by now). And most tellingly perhaps, I love them more than some people I know.

Is that wrong?

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