Tuesday, March 25, 2003

If You Don't Already, You Ought To Read These Blogs

  • dooce
  • mimismartypants
  • sourbob
  • queserasera

    I read these every day, or most days, to be more precise, and they are all terribly amusing. The best part about them is that they all have very distinct personalities, truly unique voices, and I can't help myself but tune in to follow their latest adventures. And the graphics on dooce and sourbob's sites are arresting. But you make up your own mind.

    Oh, one more. I don't read this every day, but it's hysterical, so I went back over the course of a week and read the whole darned site. You will do the same, trust me.

  • "Things my girlfriend and I have argued about".

  • This site is certified 38% EVIL by the Gematriculator