Wednesday, March 26, 2003

Talk About Wagging The Dog

Incensed. I am absolutely incensed to hear that Dubya has "declined" to view the videotape of the American P.O.W.'s, while he was hanging out at Camp David. How fucking DARE he decline to view the images of the Americans that HE SENT IN THERE?

Oh, those topographical computer-generated maps showing the damage done by those bunker blasters is all fine and good, and those nice green goblin night vision films of burst of lights showing the wonderful bombing missions are super. But golly, looking into the frightened eyes of a captured soldier, or seeing the video of Americans apparently shot in the head? Well, gee, that just brings a little too much reality into it, now doesn't it? It's not so god-awful when you watch the edited version of the war, but your delicate sensibilities can't stand the actual stinking pile of death you are making? The collosal nerve of you.

They aren't just "troops" (a word that has always made me think that there are more than one person being spoken about, like a troupe of mimes or something). They are men and women, they are real, and they are being held prisoner, possibly tortured, and some of them killed, because you are your father's puppet, you need to finish off what he couldn't, you want to take over a new oil supply, and you need to distract Americans from the domestic issues that you should REALLY be paying attention to, like who the REAL terrorists were, and how those first two planes went missing for 45 minutes on 9-11, and everyone claims to have not known about it. Yeah, uh-huh, righte-o. Pearl Harbor all over again.

Yes, Saddam Hussein is a bad man. A really bad man, with really bad sons. And you wanted to wipe him off the planet and take his oil. Just ADMIT it. Don't spin this into a liberation effort for the Iraqi people. Where the hell did THAT title come from? Like you gave a CRAP about them a year ago.

I throw my hands up in the air watching all the spin doctoring on the nightly news. As J says, they are wagging the dog so hard, that poor dog has suffered from a grand mal seizure. But even though I didn't plan this war or want any part of it, I viewed the videos of those hostages, looked right into their eyes, and felt horrible for them and their families. I'm sure that they felt they were there for all the right reasons, that they were sent to defend our country, the good guys. I wish they were fighting for the reasons they were told they were.

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