Friday, May 23, 2003

Arts & Crafts

My mind is spinning with all these art projects I want to work on, but I know that I have to work on this damn work project instead. Since I have this deadline looming over my head, I am (of course) consumed with thoughts of things I'd rather be doing. Here are some of the weird things I've been thinking about making, all of which are still solely in the planning stages in my head:

  • I've been buying cat litter in these abominably heavy plastic square buckets, and I've been trying to think of useful things to do with them. J's already using one as his bathroom trashcan, and another for a mop bucket, and I'm using one for the basement trashcan, but there has to be a creative outlet for all these plastic buckets. I've been thinking about making them into teeny tiny houses, and start putting them in my garden, like there are all these gnomes living there. Maybe I can cover them in concrete mix and stick shells or stones or beads on them? Sounds like a project.

  • I want to string lights outside, for those rare occasions when the weather is neither too hot, too cold, too windy or too insect-y, and I can sit in my backyard and look up at pretty lights. I have all these damn strings of party lights, and it would be nice to think of a use for them. Maybe I can get some fish line and make a triangle from the house gutter, to the apple tree, and then to a pole I would put up, which could double as somewhere to hang that silly bird house I bought on a whim?

  • Those damn women's magazines and their craft ideas. I have been saving broken coffee mugs, with the idea that I would make a cool mozaic out of the broken bits on a small table, and now Martha Stewart magazine has the instructions on how to do it. I'm itching to get started, but according to this thing, I don't have nearly enough broken bits yet. Do I really have to break things to get enough, or worse still, buy broken plates and cups from stores to have enough? Like I have TIME to go to flea markets and garage sales for this stuff. Like the whole world hasn't already caught onto Martha and the shabby chic woman already, and will beat me to the flea market. And like the flea market people haven't finally twigged that they can charge more, now that the shabby chic army will be pounding down their doors for things they can paint, distress, paint again, stencil and rework into something beautiful.... but I digress.

  • I sewed my button collection onto my new purse and it looks so damn cool, I want to do the same thing for my friend for her birthday. But the time it took to make this one was excruciating, so I don't think this project is even going to get past the whim stage.

  • I'd like to hang that shelf in the living room and put all my collected baskets up there. I had no idea how many I had until I put them in a big pile. Good lord.

  • There's still that idea of painting a border around the living room, at the top of the wall where it meets the ceiling. Should it be the same colors as I sponged the walls? Should it be a transition between the walls and the ceiling color? Should it be a wallpaper border, or freehand painted, or a plain band of colored paint? I can't decide.

  • One night, I'm going to surprise J with "camping night". I have a tent, sleeping bag, fake fire for the campsite, one of those noise machines you sleep to with a "cricket and other night noises" setting, S'mores cereal, and flashlights. I'll set up the tent in the house, and turn off all the lights, and make him find the campsite with a flashlight. I've been thinking about this silliness for a long time, I just need to find out when to do it. Maybe we'll "camp" on Memorial Day.

  • Damn that Martha Stewart (again). The idea of hanging that hula skirt straw along the bottom of the bed like a bed skirt is just so damn cool. But I'd do a whole Hawaiian kitsch thing. Tiki this and that, Hawaiian shirt print bedcover, pink flamingos everywhere. I'm the anti-Martha.

  • Don't even get me started on all the sewing and beading projects I want to do, or make me think about what the hell I'm eventually going to do with all those damn cobalt blue Arizona iced tea bottles I collected. I'm working on it. In my head. With the rest of it.

  • It only looks like I'm resting. My brain is past the sound barrier already.

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