Tuesday, April 13, 2004

Hail to the Lunkhead in Chief

I am so incredibly incensed that we are still embroiled in the Stealing Their Oil/Finishing Up What Daddy Started War, it makes my teeth itch. Is it possible that someone competent, ANYONE competent, could take control of this thing and wrap it up, before there is any more loss of life, hostages, or increase in world hatred aimed at the U.S.?

I just started listening to Air America yesterday, after J. told me about it, and it got me all worked up about the mess that the current administration has gotten us into. I know, I don't talk about politics here very much, and I don't especially plan to become one of the endless list of pundits blogging about their political agenda or special interest group, but I sure as hell am glad that for a change, there really are people on the radio talking about topics in a manner with which I can agree.

The political right has been going on and on about how the media is controlled by liberals, and [insert mega conservative blowhard of your choice here] is the only voice of opposition...well, that is completely wrong. As Randi Rhodes was saying yesterday, "What liberal media??" It's the political right, the fundamentalist Christians in their back pockets, and the corporate shills who own everything and contribute to the political right's campaigns that are running the media, not the liberals. For a while there, I thought that J and I were some kind of radical fringe all by ourselves, because whenever we talked about the state of the world, we two were on the same page, but it was the opposite side of the page from what I read in the papers, saw on tv or heard on the radio. It felt like we were the only people in the world who thought the way we did. Until now, that is.

Back to the war for a moment - It just seems so clear what the real reasoning behind the beginning of this war was something like the following, only for now, let's not even get into whether that could have been prevented or if there was even a more sinister pre-awareness of those acts: "Terrorists attack the U.S.? Okay, let's use this as an excuse to go back and attack Saddam Hussein again. That would really make Dad happy and proud of me, right? Maybe he'll forget about all my coking and drinking in the past if I show him what a great leader I am. Oh, and the best part? After we overthrow the Hussein regime, we can steal the exclusive rights to the oil from Iraq! Oh, and I can give my buddies the exclusive contracts for the rebuilding the infrastructure after we bomb the living shit out of the country. (Let's not entertain those pesky notions of how Japan has risen as a major economic competitor to the U.S., since we bombed the shit out of them in WWII and then rebuilt their infrastructure, while ignoring the maintenance of our own in many respects.) We just have to make sure we go in, guns blazing, and protect the oil fields."

"Exit plan? We don't need no stinking exit plan! Help the people of Iraq? Oh, alright, only the very minimum in humanitarian aid, but make damn sure the cameras are on when you find an Iraqi who seems happy to see us. Oh, and don't bother guarding those museums, full of treasures dating back to the cradle of civilization. Tiger and who Rivers? Who cares what happened before 1776! Anything worth keeping is already in American museums, right? God Bless America! Screw the Rest of Y'all!"

God help us all.

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