Thursday, September 02, 2004

Weasles Are Tearing At Other Bloggers' Flesh

I am completely disgusted by the rash of people stealing other bloggers' posts and passing them off as their own. If you haven't been caught up in the latest plagiarism scandals as I have, here's a list of places to visit for some interesting reading about it all, in no particular order:

  • Tequila Mockingbird, who was one unfortunate writer whose blog postings were being ripped off first by Bryan Lamb, and then more recently, Caroline Dwyer. (Google them for some more reading on the topic.)

  • Sourbob, writer's champion, crusher of plagiarists planetwide, including the two just mentioned. He's good at it. Don't piss him off.

  • This Fish Needs a Bicycle, another excellent writer getting ripped off. See her post about the three marvels at who can't wrap their tiny minds around the idea that plagiarists are the leeches of the literary world. Bottom feeders. Scum puppies. Okay, that about does it.

Did I mention that these are all exceptional writers that these asshats are stealing from? At least they have great taste. Even if they are little scab lickers. The plagiarists, not the bloggers who wrote the stuff. (Stumble, bumble, grovel, stumble, excuse me while I go to great lengths to be understood in my native language.)

It just makes one stutter and grasp for words, it's so incomprehensible. How pathetic does someone's life have to be that they have to steal other people's life experiences to fill up their blogs?? Amazing, simply jaw-droppingly amazing.

Anyway, this latest rash of word-burglaring has prompted me to add the somewhat hostile note at the bottom of the far right column of blog's main page. It's not meant to be nasty to those who have the kindness to come here and read the dime-store pearls of wisdom dropping from my, er, fingers. But it is meant to put on notice anyone who is trolling for content for their own blog.

Not that I'm trying to say that I'm in the same league as the writers listed above - I wish. But on the off-chance that some little plagiarist is trolling for B material that he/she doesn't think anyone will miss, think again, little troll. Hell hath no fury like a writer scorned. Except, of course, the fury of her lawyer.

Now, has anyone stolen anything of mine? No. But that doesn't mean that this issue doesn't hit home like a sledgehammer. If bloggers sit by and yawn while the work of others is shamelessly taken by these pieces of garbage, well, who exactly will come to your rescue when they steal YOUR work? If we don't stand up for each other, we all fall down alone.

Please go visit This Fish Needs a Bicycle, and support her fight. And I wish the best of luck to all of the bloggers who have found their work poached by others. Those puss oozing weasles. (Sorry, that was a bit over the top. Um, maybe not.)

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